Weapons Class

Do you want learn a weapon??

Do you want learn weapon skills? come to studio and practice with Master.Park . Nunchuk,long stick,sword you can choose the best one.

Posted by Sunny Kim Taekwondo on Friday, July 6, 2018

Beginners and advanced students alike all get to enjoy weapons training at our school under the careful guidance of our instructors. On designated weapons weeks, students may train in a variety of different weapons disciplines, including bamboo swords, staff and nunchakus.

When starting out, students practice basic movements, strikes and blocks while familiarizing themselves with the weapons and learning footwork that will allow them to use each weapon most effectively. As students become more advanced, they perfect their basics, learning more complex techniques and tricks that are exciting to learn and impressive when demonstrated.

Weapons training provides many benefits to students:

  • enhances coordination
  • teaches students to move effectively and control their strength properly
  • helps develop great concentration
  • strengthens upper body and wrists
  • teaches students about how to direct their force and manage momentum


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