Sparring Class

Beginner students participate in basic drills for cardio and footwork training involving repetitive combinations of kicking, punching and dodging.

After achieving their green belt, students are trained in the art of free sparring; they learn footwork that helps them get in and out of their partner’s range, learn how to anticipate their partner’s moves and act accordingly, as well as learn to attack and defend quickly and effectively.

Sparring provides many benefits to students:

  • helps develop good reflexes and instincts
  • helps develop confidence
  • improves fitness and endurance
  • increases students’ mental and emotional strength
  • teaches students to defend themselves
  • provides a healthy way to release energy and stress

Beginner students may borrow chest protectors from our school, but students green belt and higher in rank are required to buy their own sparring gear and bring it to sparring classes.


The last two full weeks of classes each month are designated Sparring Weeks during which students must bring their own gear to practice with.


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