Self-Defense Class


Students learn how to defend against aggressors and how to prevent dangerous situations, all while having fun and testing out techniques in a safe environment. Starting with simple movements and steps that even beginners can enjoy practicing, our self-defense techniques focus on self-preservation and escaping from attackers, as well as what to do if you are unable to get away and how to deal with other emergencies.

At Sunny Kim Taekwondo, we always put our students’ safety first and train them so that they have the tools they need to deal with bullies and attackers should a dangerous situation arise, but we also believe in prevention and minimizing damage as much as possible; we make sure to teach students how to handle aggressive interactions before they escalate, including what measures they can take if they are aware they might be in danger.


Self-Defense training provides many benefits to students:

  • confidence
  • teaches students to defend themselves
  • a knowledge of conflict management techniques
  • risk minimization and prevention
  • learning how to handle emergency situations
  • helps develop good reflexes and instincts


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