Classes for Ages 15+

Classes directed towards this age group focus on providing training that is extremely beneficial to physical strength and focus, which can bring students to new heights in their lives. Our training helps them push themselves to achieve something that will make a difference in their futures as well as maintain their health and wellness.
Those who do taekwondo training in their youth learn the importance of balance and structure in their lives while also using their time for something productive, safe and fun; our training helps students stay on the right path and achieve great things that can open doors later on.

Students who participate frequently in our Ages 15+ Classes benefit from learning:

  • self-regulation and staying on task
  • respect and etiquette
  • how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • confidence
  • responsibility
  • teamwork
  • coordination and spacial awareness
  • self-direction and independence
  • self-defense skills and what to do in an emergency
  • how to apply strategy to their training
  • anti-bullying tactics and stress management
  • various personal development ideas such as the benefits of working hard and helping others


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