Classes for Ages 10-14

Sparring week Class vedio

May 24th Thursday TaeKwondo Training.Ait mat Conditioning/ Partner drill/Pattern Practice/one step sparring/free sparring/ Great job everyone.

Posted by Sunny Kim Taekwondo on Friday, May 25, 2018

Classes directed towards this age group focus on providing training that is extremely beneficial to physical strength and wellness, as well as teaching important values and useful skills that put students on the path to healthy, active living and personal development.
Students training in this age group have the chance to invest their time in something that could make a big difference in their future, all while having a great time and learning skills that will contribute greatly to their current and future successes.

Students who participate frequently in our Ages 10-14 Classes benefit from learning:

  • self-regulation and staying on task
  • respect and etiquette
  • how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • confidence
  • responsibility
  • teamwork
  • coordination and spacial awareness
  • self-direction and independence
  • self-defense skills and what to do in an emergency
  • how to apply strategy to their training
  • anti-bullying tactics
  • various personal development ideas such as the benefits of working hard and helping others


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