GPM (Games, Pizza, Movie) Night

Students, friends and family are all invited to join us for a night of games, pizza and a movie under the supervision of our masters and instructors!

GPM Night starts with a variety of fun games and some Taekwondo training, then we order pizza based on everyone’s preferences and wash up to get ready for the food and drinks.

After finishing with the meal, everyone settles in for the movie and then popcorn is given out along with gummy worms and drinks.

Coming to GPM Night provides a great chance for Taekwondo newcomers to try out the sport, have lots of fun and burn off some energy with our engaging games and challenging exercises, as well as giving our own Taekwondo students a chance to train and play all the games they like, all while meeting students from other classes and having a great time!

Those who invite non-Taekwondo students receive prizes both for them and for whoever they bring along!

Please sign up for GPM Night in the office before the event begins.