About Us

Our School

Established in 1997, Sunny Kim Taekwondo is currently located in a taekwondo specific facility at the heart of the North Shore a block off from Marine Drive and Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

We offer martial arts programs for all ages and fitness levels, and offer instruction in traditional taekwondo as well as diverse choices of martial arts related fitness programs such as Taekwon Dance, Basic Weaponry, and Performance Fitness. Our instructors are certified by the World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon. All classes are personally led by the owners, Master Park and Grandmaster Kim.

Our Instructors and Assistants

Grandmaster Instructor & Owner
Jong Seol Sunny Kim (9th degree black belt in Taekwondo)
Certified World Taekwondo Federation International Judge

Master Instructor
Ji Hwan Park
ByeongKeon Kim

Instructors and Office Staff
Richard Lee
Jacqueline Bodner

Ruby Kim

Black Belt Assistants
Honbete L.
Daniel P.
Hwan K.
Ethan A.
David C.
Esther C.