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A night of Games, Pizzas and a Movie under the supervision of Master Danny. The cost for GPM Night is $15 per child. Students and guests must sign up for this event in advance at the front desk or office.

The Invitations are available by the office.

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The inaugural Sunny Kim Taekwondo Gala will take place on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 from 3-5PM at Chief Joe Mathias Centre!

We encourage students of all ages and levels to participate in the gala. Students will have the opportunity to perform their skills and what they have learned throughout the year on stage in front of family, friends, and guests. The evening will showcase students’ skills, such as poomsae (patterns), kyukpa (breaking), taekwon dance, jumping rope demonstration, Kangoo jumping and kickboxing exhibitions, as well as demonstrations by Master Danny and Grandmaster Kim!

The gala will also include an award ceremony, door prizes, and draws. All participating students will be awarded a trophy for their performance.

Please inquire at the office for more information and ticket purchases for students and non-students.

Let’s make our 1st Annual Sunny Kim Taekwondo Gala a success!

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The next promotion test will be held In-Class between Wednesday, February 22nd to Friday, February 24th. Poomsae (patterns) test will be held in class and the Kyukpa (breaking) test will take place at the Gala. Qualified students will be notified by one of the instructors. Students that are testing in April will still be able to perform a poomsae and kyukpa for the Gala on Saturday, February 25th at Chief Joe Mathias Centre.

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A reminder that all classes will be held as scheduled tonight under the current weather conditions. If you cannot attend the class tonight, please visit our Class Schedule page and choose a make up class from Friday evening or Saturday morning. Please be careful out there in the snow!

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The school will be closed from Friday, December 23rd – Monday, January 2nd for the winter holidays. The school will reopen for classes on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

Everyone at Sunny Kim Taekwondo would like to thank all the parents and students for all your support. We wish everyone a happy holiday season!

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From White Belt to Black belt

The next Dan (degree) Promotion Test and Keup (rank) Promotion Test will be held on Saturday, December 3rd. Only the 10:30AM-11:15AM Age 4-6 & 7-9 Beginner (White – Yellow) class will be held on this day.

Poomsae (patterns) and Kyukpa (breaking) tests will be held on Saturday, December 3rd. Please do not bring sparring gears on this day. Kyorugi (sparring) evaluation will be done on the week of Monday, November 21st to Friday, November 25th.

Dan Test candidates will be testing starting 11:45am. Keup Test candidates will be testing starting 3pm.

Dan Test registration deadline will be 8PM on Thursday, November 10th. Keup Test registration deadline will be 12PM on Saturday, November 26th.

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We will be closed on Friday, November 11th & Saturday, November 12th for Remembrance Day. Please attend make up class before or after the long weekend. We hope everyone has an opportunity to spend time with friends and family members to remember all those that fought for our countries.

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ice-ageA night of Games, Pizza, and a Movie under the supervision of Master Danny. The cost for GPM Night is $15 per child. Students and guests must sign up for this event in advance at the front desk or office.

We will watch Ice Age 5 Collision Course (2016) Rated PG. 100 minutes.