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IMG_8228 IMG_8075The next promotion test will be held on Friday, August 26th starting 5PM. There will be no classes on this day. Please register by 7PM on Tuesday, August 23rd. No certificate for late registrations!

October 2016 Promotion Test will be held on Saturday, October 22nd starting 3PM.

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The next promotion test will be held on Saturday, June 11th. All morning classes will be cancelled on this day.

Keup (rank) Test candidates will be testing starting 3pm. Dan (degree) Test candidates will be testing starting 11am.

August 2016 Promotion Test will be held on Friday, August 26th.




GPM Night stands for Games, Pizza, and Movie Night! GPM Night is a night of games, pizza and a movie under the supervision of Master Danny. The cost for GPM Night is $15 per child. Students must sign up for this event in advance at the front desk.

For website content, we would like to take pictures of GPM Night events! We ask for all parents of students and/or participants to fill out a “Photography Release for Minor Child or Children” Form at the office. This is NOT mandatory, and is optional.

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Summer Camp 2016 Registration Forms are now available! This year, we will be hosting two one-week long camps with a fun variety of taekwondo, martial arts, and physical exercises, including short trips to nearby parks and outdoor activities.

[Camp 1] Age 4-7 Monday, July 4th – Friday, July 8th
[Camp 2] Age 7-10+ Monday, July 11th – Friday, July 15th

[9:00AM-12:00PM] Morning Half Day
[12:30PM-3:30PM] Afternoon Half Day
[9:00AM-3:30PM] Full Day

[8:00AM-9:00AM] Before Care 
[3:30PM-4:30PM] After Care (Taekwondo class participation)

We do not have the option of providing snacks or lunches to the students this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Please note we will be closed from Saturday, May 21st to Monday, May 23rd for Victoria Day Long Weekend. Please attend make up class(es). School will re-open Tuesday, May 24th!

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Starting Thursday, April 21st 2016, a revision to the schedule will take effect.

Thursday 6:10-7pm class will be assigned for “Age 10-14 & 15+ Advanced” students and 7pm-7:50pm will be assigned for “Age 15+ Black Belt Club” students.

Starting Saturday, May 7th 2016, a “Weapons Class” and an “Olympic Sparring Class” will be offered every Saturday. Since a sparring class will offered every Saturday, the two sparring weeks every month will be reduced to one week every month. The sparring week will be held every third week of each month with sufficient announcements and reminders for all students.

**due to a scheduling conflict, Wednesday 7pm-7:50pm Olympic Sparring Class will be offered on Saturdays starting May 2016**

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The April 2016 Promotion Test will be held on Saturday, April 30th starting at 3PM. Qualified students will receive a Promotion Test Registration Form between Tuesday, April 12th until Thursday, April 21st. Registration Deadline will be 11:45AM Saturday, April 23rd.

The next Keup Promotion Test will be held 3PM Saturday, June 11th and the next Dan Promotion Test will be held 11AM of the same day.

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Master Danny will be away to Korea for multiple taekwondo seminars, workshops, and training classes starting March 13th until April 2nd. Grandmaster Kim will be instructing all classes during the 3 weeks with Instructor Bahareh and various black belt assistants. It will be a great experience for all students to reconnect with Grandmaster Kim and his style of taekwondo lessons!

Black Belt Assistants are asked to speak with Master Danny before his departure to arrange the volunteer schedule during his absence for Monday, March 14th – Saturday, April 2nd. Learn directly from Grandmaster Kim to assist taekwondo lessons and communicate with the students in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.