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We are announcing 2019 Sunny Kim Taekwondo Gala on March 9th
Our students will perform their skills in Kay Meek art centre in West Vancouver

We encourage students of all ages and levels to participate in the Gala.
Also we will have an award ceremony, promotion ceremony, door prizes, and draws. All participating students will be awarded a trophy for their performance.

You will need to present your ticket when you enter to Arts centre.
Please talk to our office staff for you and your family’s tickets.

Let’s make our 2nd Annual Sunny Kim Taekwondo Gala a success!!

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Challenge to King contest, Prize will be your!!

Saturday, January26th from 3 – 5PM

We would like to invite you the “Physical king contest”

  1. Push-up king : you’ll compete fast proper push up in 60sec
  2. Blow out a candle by punch : You blow out a 10 candle light in 20cec
  3. Fast kicks king contest : how many Turning kick faster in 60 sec
  4. Long skipping lope jump with speed

There will be Black Belt Demonstrations & fun Martial Arts Workshops at Sunny Kim Taekwondo for Students and Friends during the Open House Event:

<Black Belt Demonstration & Physical king contest >

2:50 – 3:00PM          Check in (Received Name tag) orientation explain contest outline.

3:00 – 3:15PM           Push-up Contest     

3:15 – 3:50PM          “Blow out a candle by one shot” event

3:55 – 4:05PM          Sunny Kim Taekwondo Demo

4:05 – 4:25PM          Fast kicks king contest

4:25 – 4:50PM           long skipping rope jump king contest

4:50 – 5:00PM           Contest result announcement and redeem a prize rewards