January 2016 Movie Day

Sunny Kim Taekwondo will be hosting our first Movie Day of the year at the new location! Sound system is set up with a portable 95 inch projector screen. We were scheduled to receive a 200 inch projector screen by December 22nd 2015, but due to shipping problems the extra large projector screen will not be ready for the January 2016 Movie Day.

Movie 1 at 12PM – 1:30PM. Hotel Transylvania 2. Rated PG. 89 Minutes.

Movie 2 at 1:45PM – 3:50PM. Everest. Rated PG-13. 121 Minutes.

Sunny Kim Taekwondo Movie Day Invitations will be available for pick up starting Tuesday, January 19th. Snack size portion of popcorns and gummies will be served. For everyone to enjoy the movie, the snacks will be served only once.